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Monthly Archive: February 2009

Feb 28 2009

In-Vitro Fertilization and Stem Cell Research in Christianity

What Happens to the Unused Embryos?

Christians believe that a human being is created at conception because at conception, there is a human soul. While the legal field has defined what is deemed a human in order to allow for abortions, God has not changed His view to accommodate our society. While we will speak out against abortion and stem cell research, as we should, Christians have remained surprisingly silent regarding these embryos that are in deep freeze, many abandoned by the couples that created them for the purpose of having children and who will eventually become part of this country’s medical waste system, considered as hazardous waste. Along with aborted babies, these unwanted embryos will be deemed hazardous waste and treated accordingly.


Feb 25 2009

Synergism vs. Monergism (Part 1)

Within Christianity, despite all the different denominations, one will fall within one of these two camps. These separate camps define how one interprets scripture to a large degree. I would like to present both sides as taught by either camp. I will present the synergist teaching from a synergist point of view and a monergist …

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Feb 23 2009

Deliverance Ministries


Within the charismatic movement, deliverance ministries have expanded exponentially. One needs to do a Google search and we can learn how widespread this phenomenon has developed. One can purchase books on how to perform and set up a deliverance ministry. Websites are devoted to teaching and delivering people from all sorts of demons.


Feb 23 2009

What Does It Mean To Pray In Jesus' Name?

In Jesus' Name

When we pray in His name, we are praying His will as if in His stead much like when we act on behalf of a loved one in a power of attorney situation. Our prayers are answered in the affirmative only when they are in His will. Sometimes our prayers are answered differently than we petition and when that happens, it is for our good. Our Father knows what is best for us and will answer with a yes, no, or with a different result than we petitioned.


Feb 21 2009

Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit

Of all the sins covered in the bible, this is the one sin that God has declared He will not forgive. Once committed, there is no return and all chances of forgiveness have been eliminated. Christians have questioned this command for they want to ensure that they do not commit this insidious sin.


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