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Aug 15 2009

Tickle My Ears – Entertainment Preachers

Entertainment Preachers

I am sure we have all heard of high priced preachers living lavish lifestyles. Personally, I do not care how lavish someone lives. Their lifestyle or how they obtain their money has no bearing on my life. I do not support their ‘ministries’ nor do I give credence to them for they are not preaching the word of God. As such, they are no more than any other entertainer. I choose other venues for my entertainment. Wolves in sheep’s clothing is not how I typically choose to entertain myself though I admit that I have found myself watching a TV preacher for entertainment purposes.

I had a discussion with a friend who takes a different approach than I do and I am not sure I completely disagree with him. The entertainment preachers use the word of God as a means to become wealthy. They tickle the ears of their followers. In other words, the entertainment preachers tell their followers what they want to hear and that is, you too can be blessed just like them. Plant a seed (money) in their ministry and watch God grow that seed. The TV preachers live lavish lifestyles with private jets, lavish homes, personal hair dressers, and the list goes on. It is no different than other entertainers. Entertainers give us what we want. I turn on my television set or go to the movies to be entertained and I choose what I want to watch. I spend my money on these entertainers because they give me what I want. TV preachers are no different.  They are entertainers.  They do not preach the word of God

The difference is that while I am getting what I paid for when I purchase a movie ticket, TV preachers can’t deliver what they preach. Entertainers in the entertainment industry are delivering what we pay for. They entertain us. Sure, when we purchase tickets, buy the music, we ensure that they may continue in their lavish lifestyle. However, we are purchasing a product and we know what we are getting. The entertainment preachers are also selling a product and it is not the word of God. They sell the ‘promise’ of the prosperity gospel, the health and wealth gospel. Unfortunately for the buyer, the ‘health and wealth prosperity gospel’ works for the seller (the entertainment preachers) and not the buyer, that is you and I. People buy into this nonsense and believe it to their detriment and sometimes are even destroyed. Parents have withheld medical treatment from their children and children have died.  (Pentecostal Faith Healings)

A number of years ago, I was having a discussion at work with my boss. He said that he became a lawyer not to get rich. He went on to say that if he wanted wealth, the quickest and easiest way was to start his own religion or become a TV preacher for religion sells. Even though that was a number of years ago, I have never forgotten that conversation. He was right.

The reason behind my friend’s infuriation towards the entertainment preachers was due to the fact that the entertainment preachers use the Word of God to deceive people in order to become wealthy. I agree.  I am incensed that the Holy Word of God is used and treated as nothing more than a product to sell. But vengeance belongs to the Lord. They will stand before Him one day. I have less tolerance for those that choose to be deceived. Yes, they choose to be deceived. They flock to those that tickle their ears. Entertainment preachers certainly are easier to listen to than to read the works of Jonathan Edwards’ Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God. People want to hear how they can speak health and wealth into existence. They want to buy blessings. The Word of God does not provide that. It provides a means to eternal life.

Whoa to those entertainment preachers for one day they will stand before God. They have a nice, cushy lifestyle now that many may envy and desire. But using the word of God in the manner in which they do is not something to envy when they stand before God.

Those that listen and believe the entertainment preachers: Caveat Emptor – Buyer Beware

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  1. doug

    You echoed my thoughts on this subject exactly.

    1. tishrei

      Hi Doug, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, not as many people echo your sentiments as we would hope.

      Thanks for stopping by :)

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