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Dec 28 2009

When the Day is Done – None are Righteous

At the end of our season, our soul will be required of us

At the end of our season, our soul will be required

I hope everybody had a blessed Christmas.  Over the past few days and including Christmas day, one of my older posts generated a lot of interest.  The post, None Are Righteous, far exceeded any post in interest since I started blogging this January.  I wrote that blog post back in March and that post remained relatively untouched except for a few views here and there, that is until the past few days.   I know, especially after rereading that post, that the only reason this generated so much interest is because of the season.  It is during the season when we celebrate the birth of Christ that we are contemplating thinking about the reason Christ came.  It’s really simple, He HAD to come if we are to be saved because not one of us is righteous.  Once we have finished our time here, and it really is a very short time even if we live a ‘long’ life, we will go someplace for eternity.  And that’s why I think that the post “None are Righteous” generated so much interest these past few days.  I would to expand on that a little.

Jesus said that he did not come to call the righteous but the sinners. (Matthew 9:13).  On its face, it might ‘appear’ that there are righteous among us and that some might feel that they are not one of the sinners.  Please do not make that mistake for God has declared that “NONE are righteous.”  If you would read the whole chapter, it becomes clear that there are some that believe they are righteous.  They are not.  They are righteous in their own minds but not in the mind of God.  Herein lies the problem.

Until a person gets to the point where he or she accepts that they are a sinner, they will not seek the only one that can save them.  Jesus said “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick.” (Matthew 9:12).  An analogy that might be useful in understanding this scripture would be a person walking around with an aneurysm.  They feel nothing however, they are a walking time bomb.  They do not seek medical attention for they do not know they are in need of medical attention.  There is nothing that suggests that they need to seek medical attention for they feel fine, that is, until that aneurysm breaks loose.  Unfortunately, many, many times it is too late.

Recently there has been a bit of dissatisfaction with many of my posts.  The posts that generated dissatisfaction were on topics that were not in-line with today’s worldview.   I realize that many of my Christian values or views do not line up with today’s worldviews.  As time has gone on, what society has found to be morally wrong is no longer seen as wrong.  Having children outside of marriage is something that was hidden in our not too distant past but today, no one even blinks today.  Man has changed its morals and calls it ‘enlightenment.’  The One that really matters when our day is done has not changed His views.

People are going on with their lives as if their eternity is safe.  Many do not believe in God (atheists).  Many are undecided and want more proof.  Many are religious but have no personal salvific relationship with the Lord.

What sets a Christian apart?  It certainly is not our righteousness for a Christian does not possess their own righteousness.  They have the imputed righteousness of our Redeemer.  This simply means that the righteousness of Christ is credited to the Christian so that we are viewed through Christ’s righteousness.

Religion does not save, our deeds no matter how good or great, does not save.  Jesus said that no one comes to the Father except through Him. (John 14:6).  There are no exceptions.  While there are no exceptions, there are no exclusions.

When the day is done and it is our time to exit this earth, if we leave depending on our own righteousness, it will be a decision that will be regretted for eternity.  Our lives are very short and we know not when our soul will be required of us.  Whether anyone believes it or no, each person will give an accounting of their life.  And God will judge it based on His measuring rod, not man’s ever-changing standard.

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  1. Margaret


    Very well said….. It is so sad that so many think of themselves as being righteous, and yet, they are filthy to the core in God’s eyes…… If a person points that truth out to them, they become extremely indignant….. They are angry and spiteful towards anyone that dares to point out their sin….. And yet, as you said, none of us are righteous by our own strength — but, when we put our faith in Jesus Christ, God counts us as being perfect and righteous.

    It is an awful pride that will not accept God’s truths….. Such pride condemns so many to eternal destruction — and yet, these people seem oblivious to their predicament.


    1. Tishrei

      Hi Margaret,

      I agree, it’s so incredibly sad that people are oblivious to their predicament. You just brought up an image that I saw in the news. When we had that big earthquake here in California, I remember that car that was driving on the bridge and went right over. They had no idea that the bridge ended. I’ve never forgotten that scene and the sadness I felt as I saw that image.

      That’s what people are doing with their eternity — like you said, they are oblivious to their predicament.

  2. Liz

    thanks I needed this right about now!!

    1. Tishrei

      You’re welcome :)

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