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Jan 11 2010

Bible Loopholes

Belief or non-belief?

On his deathbed, W.C. Fields was seen reading the bible.  When asked about it, he replied “I’m checking for loopholes.”  W.C. Fields was an avowed atheist, yet when his time came, he turned to the bible.  Unfortunately, he did not turn to the Word of God to secure his eternity but was looking for loopholes.  Sadly for W.C. Fields, there are no loopholes.  The Word of God has not changed and will not changed.

I will admit that there are times when I become rather annoyed at people that refuse to believe.  That attitude of mine that creeps up on me from time to time is not only  misplaced but downright wrong.   It is misplaced and wrong because it is not my place or domain but belongs to God alone.  I cannot change anyone.  I cannot work belief into someone’s heart.  What I can understand is why someone does not believe.  I can understand it because God has revealed in the bible why there is non-belief.  In the end, non-belief does not harm me but whoa to the person who dies in their unbelief.  Instead of feeling annoyance at the non-God society in which we live, I should feel incredible sadness for without belief, a person’s eternity is sealed.

If I really believe that my words or my arguments will change someone’s mind or heart, I have exalted myself and placed myself along side with the Holy Spirit who has the role of working on people’s heart.  A couple of years ago, I read about this ministry that was seeking donations so that they could go out and “win souls.”  Many, many Christians hold to that belief so what I read was not shocking.  What is shocking is that there are so many that really believe that that they have the power to change a person’s heart and take credit for ‘winning souls.’  Christians who take the position that they are the out there winning souls is egregious for they are taking credit for the work of Holy Spirit.

There are many reasons why Christians believe that people don’t come to Christ.  The list includes pride, not wanting to change a lifestyle, or a myriad of other reasons.  Pride does not keep a person from Christ.  A desire to keep one’s lifestyle does not keep a person from Christ.  Scripture has provided the answer.  Man loves darkness over light.  And unless God calls a person, opens a person’s eyes and opens their ears, they will remain blind and deaf to the truth.  Pride does not keep a person from the truth.  It’s an inability to understand the truth.  Jesus said in John 8:43 that man does not understand because they cannot hear His word.  He is not referring to a physical deformity (lack of hearing) but a lack of spiritual understanding.  Notice he does not say that do not hear but instead states that man CANNOT hear.  The word “cannot” is an inability much like a newborn cannot be taught physics.  They simply lack the ability.  A non-believer cannot because they lack the ability to hear and understand the things of God.  ONLY God can open eyes and ears.

Paul fell in the same category as the rest of unbelieving humanity.  He had pride in what he was doing UNTIL God opened his eyes and ears.  Until God intervened, Paul would have have continued in his unbelieving ways because he lacked the ability to see and hear spiritually.  Nothing has changed.  We plant the seed and God takes over.  It is God that will open the eyes and ears of the non-believers.  Pride or anything else will not stop a person from believing once God opens a person’s eyes and ears.

In the end, man does not believe because man cannot believe without the spiritual awakening that God provides.  Like W.C. Fields facing his death, he searched for a loophole but there was none to be found.

We Christians sometimes get angry or upset at unbelief or sin in the world.  We are getting upset and angry at an inability and it  is no different than getting upset or angry because a newborn won’t grasp something we wish to teach it that is beyond their abilities.  We should pray that God opens the eyes and ears of who we approach but until God does that in a person, they cannot discern the spiritual.  Christians believe ONLY  because God opened up our eyes and ears.   Without His intervention, we would be in the same boat as the rest of the world.

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  1. Dan

    “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him, and I will raise him up at the last day.” (John 6:44)

    1. Tishrei


  2. Loren

    Great post.

    This is a fundamental principle that all Christians really need to understand. We cannot change anyone’s heart or mind about the Gospel, only the Spirit of God can. So many dear believers feel discouraged because they do not see their witness come to fruition and they feel that they have “failed.” But God has only called us to share His Word and be a good witness for His glory, it is His business to do the rest.

    1. Tishrei

      Yes, that’s the truth. The failure is never ours when someone doesn’t come to faith after we share the Gospel. The failure is the person witnessing taking credit or attempting to take credit that belongs to God alone.

  3. pttyann

    “Wonderful”! And how true Jesus said they cannot come unless the Father draws them,so we keep right on praying for the unbelievers knowing that it’s not God’s will that any should perish,but that they turn,turn,turn to Jesus in repentance and live! My heart cries out to God for many to be saved!!!

    1. Tishrei

      Hi, and a big hearty Amen to your comment “that they turn, turn, turn to Jesus in repentance and live!”

  4. Brian Johnson

    What about these loop holes?

    1.) We have the bones of dinosoars in our musiums, and proff they were around long before humans, yet they were never mentioned in the creation story. We have also gone into space and sen other plannets, yet again no planets in the bible.

    2.) There are many different races, how can we all have come from Adam and Eve, after all there is no such thing as evolution, right?

    3.) God is all powerful, why rest on the sabeth?

    Well just a thought or two, I have these little theorys all the way accriss the entire Christian faith, I thought I’d just stick to the creation story for this comment, because trust ne u could go on all day. Why is that? Well I guess it’s because I have way to much time o. My hands to think about what why the hell I am here, I was raised Christian but i am swaying more toward atheisim these days. Guess I’ve had wayy too much off the tree aye. I envy your strong faith my friend. Good day to you…

  5. David

    Ok i’m really really confused when people say God opens up our eyes and ears. Really, its us opening up our eyes and ears to God. That God comes to us. Really, its us going to God.

    This is why no one can really believe into God’s words: It’s because people who try to spread it use TOOO MANY CLICHES. If people really want to spread God’s words optimally, you gotta speak in today’s language and avoid cliches. When we avoid cliches, we avoid misinterpretation.

    If you think the bible has too many cliches already, then spread the word in your own words. No cliches! No Confusion!

  6. Dava

    Common sense thoughts —

    With the barbarous & brutal acts of differing religious factions, the mutiplicity of silly ‘Beliefs’ has always been a handicap that Humanity could well have done without. As the sponge-like mind of an infant readily absorbs info, authentic or fallacious, in teaching the necessary basics of life, the follies of illogical & delusory religions should be emphasized – - – Strongly!

    Offspring should be reared from birth unprimed with needless pestilential ‘beliefs’ – Glaringly Obvious!

    Preachers pontificate on a subject so ‘Holey’, it is artlessly transparent. Visualise it’s benighted origins & it’s quite obvious that the early human mind was bound to generate mythological imagery of an Elysian nature & from there, receptive, fanciful & PREDACIOUS minds took over.

    ‘Beliefs’ were surely born of ignorance & fear of the unknown! With this realization, why can’t we all recognize simple basic facts & treat all ‘Faiths’ of today as ever they really were – Dogmatic preservations of irrational early thought – Pure Phantasmic Godswallop!

    May the wisdom now amongst us – Rid us of this cloying fungus
    Let’s all rejoice in Logic’s role – & bury the BUNKUM down a hole

    The Rt Rev Fred Flintstone & his equally-misguided confederates of other ‘Faiths’ should have dug themselves out of the Stone-age long long ago!

    The PAST is unveiled thro time! OF NECESSITY, we must PROFIT from it! – Not PERPETUATE it! – - – A M E N

  7. Sandy Sanders

    Try this take on the “looking for a loophole” idea:


    Sandy Sanders

  8. wdavisonDava

    Any thinking person realizes that the Universe is truly an awesome Quantum / Astronomical creation.

    As part of that creation, our attempts at it’s FULL understanding is futile

    Whether probing the Atom or ‘Heavenly’ Space, we’re contemplating INFINITIES!

    Fouling up our minds with a rag-bag of archaic religiose twaddle does absolutely nothing to help enlighten our ignorance!


    [...] (yes in hell) for those who do not know Christ Jesus as Savior and Lord.  W.C. Fields was quoted as saying he was “looking for a loophole” when he studied the Bible.  There is a [...]

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