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Jan 26 2010

God’s Grace at Work


Ducky the macaw

I had an occasion yesterday morning to really see God’s grace at work.  As I was getting ready, I went looking for my macaw as I needed to get him fed.  He happened to be under my bed.  I called him but did not see him as he came out so I walked in looking for him.  Before I knew it, he screamed because I started to step on him.  Obviously I did not see him when I did that.  Had I put my full weight down, right now my life would have changed for I would be mourning the death of my precious macaw who has lived with me for 7 years.  God saved his life which saved me from a lot of grief and sadness.   As it turned out, my bird screamed as he felt my foot come down on him so I was able to push myself away with my other foot so I landed elsewhere.  This caused me to recall an an incident of a couple of years ago when I was walking down the hall and tripped over my own feet.  I must have caught my shoe in the carpet but in any event, I was falling down.  It was no big deal as it was an  empty hallway and there was nothing that could hurt me.  I was already reaching out to brace my fall and knew I was not going to be hurt, only perhaps my ego for tripping over my own feet.  It was just going to be a small  fall on a carpeted floor.   But in those couple of seconds on my way down, I was horrified and frightened out of my mind because my bird was going to be crushed under my knee and there was nothing I could do.  I saw a simple fall turn into a tragedy and I was helpless to change it.  Gravity was going to win this one.

My bird has no fear of me and just expects me to not harm him.  He had no idea that his life was about to be snuffed right out of him by being crushed to death.  Within those few seconds as I was falling down and at the last moment, he just happened to walk away. It was weird because it was only a matter of a couple of seconds.  He did not run or fly out of the way.  He just moved out of the way.   My bird was waiting for me to pick him as it was time for his breakfast.  The routine he is used to is I pick him up and carry him to the kitchen where I prepare his breakfast so he had no reason to walk away.  In fact, just the opposite is true and he was standing where he was so I could pick him up and take him to be fed.  Without a doubt, I know that God nudged him out of the way.  In that second or two that it takes for an adult to fall down, God moved my bird out of the way.

Christians pray all the time and sometimes we measure what God does in our lives by His answer to our prayers.  But we don’t really see what God is doing to save us or help us when we don’t pray and how our lives would be changed if He did not act on our behalf.  Today I saw Him save me an incredible amount of sadness by saving my bird’s life.  How many times do we lament that God is not giving us what we want, such as an answer to a particular prayer?  I think if any of us are really honest with ourselves, we have found ourselves asking that question.  Why do you not answer?  The book of Job, David and other biblical people that God used, blessed and loved asked these questions.

After nearly killing my macaw today, I thought about what I would be like right now if God had not intervened and saved my bird.  My heart would be aching.  After what happened yesterday morning, I recalled that more dramatic time when God moved my bird out of my way as I was falling down.  I know that I have missed and have not seen most of the times that God has acted and protected me or worked something out for me even when I am silent and don’t know to pray.  Unlike the incident in my car when He saved me, yesterday He saved a bird, something that is important to me.  My bird doesn’t mean much to anyone reading my blog but he does to me.  It’s humbling to contemplate that God would take such notice as to something so small and insignificant in relation to the whole universe and prevent the loss of a 22 year old funny and scraggly looking bird that I happen to love.

This is not to mean that Christians won’t experience tragedies.  We have and we do.  But sometimes He wants to show His love to His own and we get to witness something knowing it was God that orchestrated it for us.  And sometimes we know why.  I know I do in this case.

Today instead of weeping I am praising God for showing me His grace and His mercy and teaching me a valuable lesson.  Again, please do not take this to mean that I am saying that Christians do not experience tragedies or difficulties.  I have and will again.


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  1. pttyann

    Hi Tishrei
    I’m so happy God protected your beautiful bird,it’s amazing how often God thinks of us and cares for us and those we love including small creatures that we love.
    Luv ya and do have a good night.

    1. Tishrei

      Thanks Pat. Me too — I’m glad He protected Ducky. He really is a sweet little guy. I don’t know why I’m so attached to him but I am.

  2. Liz

    Praise God you both are alive and well. What a scare for poor Ducky I am sure. But he knows his Mamma loves him and that you did not mean any harm. Thanks for sharing. I bet he has fun being able to go under your bed.

    I almost shut the door on one of my cats and yes does it ever make you feel terrible that the outcome could cost your animal his/her life.
    God`s grace indeed. I pray you have many more years head with Ducky.

    1. Tishrei

      Yeah, he likes going under my bed. I remember one morning as I was getting ready to leave for work, he just didn’t want to go to his BIG cage. He wanted to stay out and play. So he went under my bed and when I went to reach for him, he went farther under where I couldn’t reach him. No matter what I did, he wouldn’t come out. So I had to climb under the bed and force him out.

  3. Margaret


    This is a great example of God’s tender loving care for all….. And, yes, just as you say, there are times that tragedies are allowed to happen….. But, when God stretches out His hand in times like these, He seems to be teaching us and reminding us of His nearness and how we can look to Him in all our needs….. It is a time to give thanks and praise.


    1. Tishrei

      Yes, this is a time to give thanks and praise. There’s a time to laugh and a time to cry.

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