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Jan 11 2010


What a face

I will be late in responding to anyone and am falling behind in reading my favorite blogs :(   I have a friend come to town so I probably won’t really be able to read or respond to anyone until Friday.  Also, my computer was on the blitz.  Turns out I picked up some nasty spyware (why do people do that?) so I was without a computer for 3 days last week while it was in the shop being repaired.

Anyway, wanted to let people know why I may be late in responding — I’ll leave this sticky up until I am back and caught up.

Have a blessed week!

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  1. Liz

    you will be missed

  2. Loren

    Have a great visit with your friend. Sorry to hear about your computer, hope they got it all fixed.

  3. Margaret


    Enjoy yourself and your company to the fullest….. It’s great to take a break and relax with friends….. Computer woes are awful….. Am glad yours are fixed.


  4. Tishrei

    Thanks everybody. I had a great time.

    My computer is working great — got it back last week and they removed all the spyware. It was so annoying to have to go through that. I wish people who had so much time on their hands as to create such a mess would use that extra time for something useful. Oh well.

    Am having fun catching up here on my blog and will be catching up on all my favorite blogs. I think I will have lots of reading to do :) but will enjoy it.

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