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Jan 02 2010

Recommend – Pool of Siloam Revealed

Photograph taken in the early 1900s

It’s getting more difficult to choose what I want to recommend on Saturday.  While I have several on my list, there are two at the top and I just could not choose which one.  Believe it or not, I flipped a coin and so here’s how I arrived at today’s recommendation.  :)   I know as Christians, we really do not question the events of the Bible for the Word of God has proved itself to be 100% accurate and trustworthy.  I can say that I get excited when I see a dig that ‘proves’ the Bible.  Well, I think I said that backwards – I should say I get excited when God proves to man the accuracy of His Word through archeology.  I know that as time has passed, what man has thought to be true has changed as we have advanced in our technology but the Word of God has never had to change for it has always been accurate to the smallest jot and tittle. 

That being said, I ran across the following site.  In my mind’s eye, I was transported back to the days when Jesus healed the blind man near the Pool of Siloam.  As I gazed at the photos and read the accompanying text, I could not help but transport myself back to that time in my mind.  I marveled that God preserved the Pool of Siloam all this time for man to discover it when He deemed it was the right time.  It becomes, at least from my point of view, to continue to discredit the accuracy of the Word of God, just because a person does not want to believe.  It just seems that as time goes on and we find more ‘proofs’ of the accuracy of this Book historically, it just might be something people want to at least take a look at and wonder and question themselves about the message God is giving man.

Here is the site I am recommending for today.

The Pool of Siloam Revealed

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  1. Margaret


    This is a very interesting find!….. I’ll have to explore this web site some more and have put it in my Favorites….. We cannot know for now — but, I think about why God has let the Pool of Siloam be covered for so long, and why He has allowed it to be revealed again….. God is working some sort of wonder….. I’m sure it has something to do with God allowing Muslim control throughout much of that area….. It’s amazing how God is in control, and yet His people are troubled over the situation.


    1. Tishrei

      Hi Margaret,

      I just love things like this. I must have sat at my computer for 10-15 minutes just staring at the photos. Totally awesome!

  2. Liz

    way neat!!! Such histroy( His Story )being revealed in His timing.

    1. Tishrei

      Hi Liz,

      That’s what I thought too! It’s way too cool!

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