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Jan 23 2010

Recommend – Regeneration and Conversion

Today's Recommendation

I would like to recommend a book titled Regeneration and Conversion by W.E. Best.  I have attached a copy of this 198 page book converted to a PDF.  W.E. Best was born on June 18, 1919 and went be with the Lord on June 15, 2007.  He preached at Kingwood Assembly of Christ in Houston, Texas.  The book that that I am recommending  takes the Christian through the process of regeneration and conversion.  I have grown in my walk as I have come to understand God’s Word more fully and intimately throughout the years I have been a Christian.  When I first came to salvation, I did not fully understand the process of my conversion much like a new born child does not understand the process of his or her birth until later in life.  How silly it would be if we did not understand how we came into this world as little new born babies.  It is good to understand the theological process in which we came to faith.

Regeneration and Conversion is written in two parts.  Part 1 has eight chapters on regeneration and Part II has 10 chapters on conversion.  The book is detailed but easy to read.

I have downloaded the PDF for your ease.  Simply click on the below image of the books  and the file will open.  You can can save the PDF file on your computer if you do not wish to read it in your browser.  I followed someone’s advice and tackled the book by reading a chapter a day and followed with my bible.  In this way, I was not absorbing too much information at one time.  In any event, it really is an easy read.  :)


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  1. Margaret


    This looks like interesting reading, so I downloaded it for later….. This made me think of a speed-reading class I had to take years ago….. I think I was the slowest reader in the whole class….. But, I got an “A”….. Flabbergasted, I asked the professor, “Why?”….. He said it was evident I was the only one who didn’t cheat….. You see, he always left his office door open, day and night….. So, you can surmise what took place.


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