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Jan 09 2010

Recommend – Who Is This Jesus

Today's Recommendation

Today I would like to recommend a book by John MacArthur titled “Who Is This Jesus?”  It is a short and easy read.  I especially recommend this book to new Christians but certainly is a good book for all Christians no matter how long they have followed the Lord.  The book covers Jesus historically.

Jesus is the only one who can produce forgiveness.  Being the only one who can produce forgiveness demands “an honest look at Him because He says our eternal souls are at stake.”  The book takes the reader through not only the historical Jesus but through the claims Jesus made.  It also takes the reader through the scientific accuracy of the bible as well as prophecies that have been fulfilled in and through Jesus.

I would like to include an excerpt from his book that pretty much sums up what the book covers:

And the Bible presents Jesus in unambiguous and unmistakable terms and the only  way you can go look for Jesus and not find Him is if you don’t believe what the Bible says.  And if you take it upon yourself not to believe what the Bible says, you have…you have ordained for yourself a pretty significant position in the world, you are a greater authority than Scripture.  It always kind of makes me chuckle, and I guess it’s part of human nature, but it always makes me chuckle when somebody says, “I don’t believe the Bible is true.”  Really?!  All these thousands of years, all these millions of people, all these lives, all these prophecies, all these miracles, the glory and the wonder, the staggering reality of Jesus Christ, what He did, who He was, what He said, how He acted, all of that which has been affirmed by millions of people and you’re now telling us it’s all bogus.  By what means did you rise to such a position where you could make yourself the final word on the veracity of Scripture.  That’s a monumental step to take and the only thing that I could imagine is that you’ve studied it carefully from front to back, analyzed it thoroughly all the way through and come to this conclusion.

The book covers all the points made in the above quote.  It really is an easy read, quick but packed full of information.

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  1. Liz

    i love john macarther i have not read this one though. i will add to my list of books to read.
    my sister sent me a tape way back when with him talking about our attitudes. he told some very funny stories and goot right to the point of learning how to walk in a right attitude. no matter what was happening around us.

    1. Tishrei

      There are a few modern preachers that really know how to get it right — MacArthur is certainly one of them. I haven’t been to his church even though I could drive there in less than 45 minutes.

  2. Margaret


    It’s good to see you back!….. This book does sound like a good read — especially for someone who has an opinion about Jesus, but has not honestly checked anything out….. A lot of people tend to do that based on the behavior of “Christians” they know.


    1. Tishrei

      I have a few books that I think should be a “must read” for every Christian and this is one of them. This is also an excellent book, as you pointed out, to those that are seeking.

      I’m glad to be back. It was an adjustment not having my computer. I’m going to be off again for the next 3-4 days. I have a friend coming to town for a visit so I’ll be a bit busy.

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