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Jan 24 2010

Sunday Morning Sermon-Does God Still Give Revelation?

Today’s sermon is delivered by John MacArthur.  The topic is “Does God Still Give Revelation?“  If you click on the previous link, you will be able to read along as you listen or, if you do not wish to listen to the audio, you can read the sermon.

The belief that God continues to give revelation is a huge problem.  As you will find out by listening and/or reading the sermon, you will see how destructive this belief is.

It is an excellent sermon on a very important topic.


Click image to Listen

For copyright information, please see here under audio/video.

“Copyright [Code: 90-53] by John MacArthur.
Used by permission from Grace to You.”


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  1. Margaret


    All of John MacArthur’s words have been a great concern to me for many years, as I’ve seen people literally trapped by what false preachers are calling prophecies for the people of today….. It is difficult to understand how the perpetrators of these falsehoods can stand themselves….. They’ve got to know they are outright liars, and yet, they continue trying to deceive people….. The Mormon church has ……………….. I just don’t want to talk about their heresies….. They are so abominable as they suck millions down to hell by causing them to deny the truth and grace of God.

    We can take great comfort in the eternal truth that God knows how to care for His own.


  2. Liz

    thanks for posting this Tishrei. How sad this is. I have know this for many years and am so careful who I let my self be taught under.

    As I have shared I have been to many churches who act this way. Teach this way. John really brought a biblical approach to this falsehood.

    I have done many a study on this very topic. just to sum it up in a nut shell…FLESH.

  3. Beth

    John MacArthur & Pretrib Rapture

    Who knows, maybe John (Reformedispy) MacArthur is right and the greatest Greek scholars (Google “Famous Rapture Watchers”), who uniformly said that Rev. 3:10 means PRESERVATION THROUGH, were wrong. But John has a conflict. On the one hand, since he knows that all Christian theology and organized churches before 1830 believed the church would be on earth during the tribulation, he would like to be seen as one who stands with the great Reformers. On the other hand, if John has a warehouse of unsold pretrib rapture material, and if he wants to have “security” for his retirement years and hopes that the big California quake won’t louse up his plans, he has a decided conflict of interest. Maybe the Lord will have to help strip off the layers of his seared conscience which have grown for years in order to please his parents and his supporters – who knows? One thing is for sure: pretrib is truly a house of cards and is so fragile that if a person removes just one card from the TOP of the pile, the whole thing can collapse. Which is why pretrib teachers don’t dare to even suggest they could be wrong on even one little subpoint! Don’t you feel sorry for the straitjacket they are in? While you’re mulling all this over, Google “Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty” for a rare behind-the-scenes look at the same 180-year-old fantasy.

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