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Apr 13 2010

Abortion or Murder? Well It Depends

I was watching the news and one of the reports was that a man was arrested for the murder of a couple.  The couple’s two children managed to escape.  They went on to state that the man is being charged with three counts of murder.  What??  Turns out the woman was pregnant.  He was being charged with the murder of the couple’s unborn child.  Good!!

Unbelievably, this unborn child is considered worthy of constitutional protection only because the unborn child’s life was taken by someone other than the mother.  If a mother decides she does not want the child, she has legal authority to terminate the life of her unborn child.  Anyone else that wishes to terminate the life of the unborn child will be charged with murder.  If a mother terminates the life of her child, it’s called abortion.  Like the title said, it depends on whether it is abortion or murder.  It depends on who is doing the killing.

The law does not state that the unborn child is not human.  It only states that an unborn child is not afforded constitutional protection.  But wait!  There is an exception.  It really depends on who is terminating the life of that child.  A mother is given the right to terminate the life of her unborn and once she decides that the life she carries no longer should live, she can seek an abortionist to terminate the life of the child.  The mother holds the life of her child in her hands and determines whether he or she gets to live or die.

It really depends on who is doing the killing whether it is murder or not.  A mother may murder her child but the law deems that the child is not afforded constitutional protection.  That same child is afforded constitutional protection if someone else murders the unborn child.  The unborn child is at the mercy of his or her mother.  If she doesn’t want him or her, she can snuff out his or life and go on to live out her life as she pleases.

Like it or not, God will hold each person that snuffs the life of an unborn accountable.  Our laws may determine that a mother has the right to murder her unborn but God does not.  And unbelievably, our laws line up with God’s law when it comes to murdering the unborn as long as it’s not the mother making the decision to murder the child.

Folks, that  is the insanity of the law of our land.


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  1. Margaret


    All this insanity is a result of not caring about what the word of God says….. I think our founding fathers would have been horrified at the mere mention of legalized abortions….. But, as time goes on, people actually have the audacity to scream that their “rights” are being taken away if they can’t terminate the life of an unborn child….. It’s all so grossly hateful and evil.

    Isaiah 5:20 — “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; who subsitute bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”….. God has pronounced His judgment of “Woe,” to all those who cling to their evils.


    1. Tishrei

      Insanity doesn’t even begin to describe what is going on. All I know is whatever people think about their rights and what they want to do, in this world they can and face no temporal consequences. But life doesn’t end here

    2. KushielsMoon

      Abortion up until quickening was legal when America was founded.

      “UNTIL the last third of the nineteenth century, when it was criminalized state by state across the land, abortion was legal before “quickening” (approximately the fourth month of pregnancy).”

  2. Loren

    Even those who do not accept the Bible or believe in God should be able to see how illogical this is. This is the kind of legal conundrum that man is encountered with when he decides to play the role of God and determine what life is worth preserving and what life is more expedient to extinguish.

    As you pointed out, nowhere else in our legal system is murder defined based on the identity of the murderer. There is also a ludicrous distinction made based on the location of the infant as to whether or not a murder has taken place. If a woman decides to have her pregnancy “terminated”, even in the very last days of her pregnancy, the law is on her side — she has the “right” to do so. But once the baby is born, neither she nor anyone else can harm the baby without being criminally guilty. So, in other words, if a woman kills her baby while the baby is still in utero, she is guiltless. But if she waits a couple of minutes until the baby is out of the womb and kills him, then she has committed a crime! How utterly absurd.

    Like it or not, murder is murder. Mankind’s depraved legal systems might exonerate murderers, but God does not.

    1. Tishrei

      Hi Loren,

      I remember reading about this mother who gave birth –she actually delivered a full term baby girl. She then murdered her new born infant by smothering her. She was not charged with murder because the umbilical cord had not been severed. I can’t even begin to tell you how I felt when I read that.

    2. KushielsMoon

      Elective abortion after viability is not legal in America. The woman must have a serious health risk, or be facing death, in order to be allowed to terminate a pregnancy. As well, abortions after 21 weeks account for only 1.5% of all abortions (viability is currently around 22-24 weeks). I think it’s unfair to pretend that women are randomly deciding moments before birth to kill the fetus. Women who abort that late in the pregnancy, by and large, are mourning the loss of a wanted child.

  3. Repent Harlequin

    As a Christian I am against abortion because it is contrary to Biblical principles and therefore clearly contrary to God’s view of life. But I realize that this is not sufficient enough for atheists or functional atheists (Liberal Christians). But that isn’t all my answer. It’s merely how I approach it. If my basic beliefs tell me it’s wrong, then I should be able to see through experience and the logical extension why my basic beliefs are correct.

    Before I do that, I would also like to offer an alternative response which I think can be just as valid. Abortion offends me. On this basis alone Liberals should understand that they have no right to push something on me, even if does not directly effect me, that I find offensive. Just knowing it happens is very, very offensive to me. This is the logical extension of the Liberal excuse for everything else, so I cannot see how any Liberal can argue that it is okay for me to be offended and should therefore join me in making abortion illegal.

    But let’s get back to what we call in philosophy ‘data experience’. Philosophy is about systems and worldview, a set of explanations to make sense of our data experience.

    Every single person living today or who has or ever will live was conceived. There are no exceptions. Whether they live one hour or 100 years they all began in the same place. Some people are born into privilege and make a mess of it. Others change the world. The Roosevelts come to mind. Some are born in poverty, even deplorable conditions and rise to heights that influence the world in ways unforeseen at the time; i.e., Abraham Lincoln. Others are born in okay situations but find themselves at rock bottom, cold dirty and hungry and broke in a strange city with no prospects. And yet Ben Franklin has added more to the world in his life in so many areas than anyone I can think of.

    Many of us live more quiet lives, but they are our lives. Even small seemingly inconsequential dreams are our dreams. They are important to us. We love other people and we plan for tomorrow, next week, and ten years from now. Our lives have bumps in the road, painful trials, but we come through and laugh at most, if not all, of them. Because in the end we know that life is a good thing and we’re glad to experience it.

    On those trials and bad things that happen, well even the Bible doesn’t tell us that we are entitled to go through life happily unfettered by consequences; even the consequences brought on by others. An unwanted pregnancy can give us more to deal with when we aren’t ready, but often unwanted things turn out to be blessings; and we all have experienced that. Or sometimes it requires a special kind of courage. The kind of courage a young woman has who brings her baby to term and lovingly gives it up for adoption to a couple with their own dreams.

    And yes, some people grow up bad. But we can’t predict that, can we? If good circumstances can produce slackers and awful conditions can produce stars, how can we know? I find it ironic that so many who are for abortion are against capital punishment; it seems the good softhearted feelings are misplaced somehow. This desire to kill someone who may grow up to be great and the reluctance to exact justice on those who have shown themselves unworthy of pity.

    So, I have tried to follow other’s arguments on this issue, but I really can’t see anything convincing that tells me abortion is good for anyone, and certainly represents no societal good. In fact, some would even call it “a bad thing”.

    So does my data experience fit my core beliefs. Of course it does. I think any solid moral core would. That’s the cool thing about having principles.

    And beside, I can always fall back on being offended. That one seems to work well.

    1. Tishrei

      Hi Kent,

      What great arguments but they fall on deaf ears. As Loren pointed out, logic is not part of the equation when dealing with those that want to support their “right” to murder.

      I have a very difficult time with this issue and so I usually don’t think about it — mostly because there’s nothing I can do to change it. The only consolation that I have is that God stated that vengence is His. The slaughter of millions upon millions of innocent little children will not go unpunished. There will be justice for those little ones — just not in this life.

  4. Repent Harlequin

    I would like to share a website with everyone. There is a lot of great reading here:


    1. Loren


      You make some great points, but everything you mentioned is contingent on the idea that those who abort their children care about anyone but themselves. What you have said beautifully expresses that all life is worth preserving and that all people deserve the chance to live the life that God intended them to live. Sadly, so many people are only concerned with continuing in their immoral lifestyle; a lifestyle which the responsibility of raising their child would put a damper on. Lord have mercy.

      I looked at the link you provided, very touching. It reminded me of when my wife was pregnant with our first child. I remember the doctor mentioning all of the tests he would run to detect any problems with the pregnancy as early as possible. He told us during one visit that a test would be run to determine if our unborn daughter had Down’s Syndrome. I naively asked, “Why is it important to know that?”

      He looked at me like I was an idiot and my stomach literally turned at the realization of his implication. I honestly didn’t see how anyone could decide to kill their child simply because they would be born with a disability. Man’s depravity seems to know no bounds.

      1. KushielsMoon

        I hope you didn’t judge your doctor wrongly. As a person who’s brother is autistic, I can understand the need to know about special needs in order to allow the family to *prepare* for life with a special needs child. That means finding resources for speech and physical therapy, or finding schools which can help the child grow and develop.

        1. Loren

          Hi “Kushiel”,

          Sounds like your brother was born into a loving family who care for him very much. He is blessed :)

          Honestly, I don’t think that I misread my doctor’s intentions. It certainly would be a wonderful thing to be prepared for the arrival of a special needs child, but most special needs are undetectable before birth, are they not? Autism, for example, can take years to manifest in the child’s life. In my own personal opinion, it really made no difference what special needs my kids would be born with, I would have cared for them just the same (it sounds like your parents felt the same way).

          I certainly hope that my comment did not seem callous or insensitive. I am aware that there are couples who feel that they are unable to meet the demands of caring for a child with special needs, especially something as severe as Down’s Syndrome. But I know that there are also many other couples who would be more than happy to adopt such a baby. I don’t believe that aborting the child is the answer.

          In Christ,


    2. Tishrei

      I remember that site — you shared that with me once. What a precious little girl. It’s really hard to imagine what people do. There is no limits to man’s depravity.

  5. KushielsMoon

    Isn’t this how everything works? You act like it’s a big deal that the charge is changed over who does the killing. But that’s how all killings work.

    If I shoot someone randomly walking down the street, that’s murder. But if a police officer shoots the same man because he’s kidnapped people, that’s not murder. If a soldier kills someone in the line of duty, that’s not murder. If I were to randomly kill that same person before the soldier got there, it’d probably be considered murder.

    If there are two brothers and God commanded one of them to kill their neighbor, that’s not murder. If the other brother did it instead, that would be murder, right?

    1. Harlequin


      Sooooooo…. who commands the baby to be killed in the womb?

  6. Jill Guidry

    Caught in a lie again, eh Moonbat? http://dontbuytheabortionlie.blogspot.com/2010/03/united-states-once-solidly-prolife.html

  7. Jill Guidry

    So tell us Kushie-who is your neighbor? The one who shows mercy and gives life, or the one who gives death? We’re all still waiting to hear how Christ is glorified by abortion. After all the Bible doesn’t say we’re made in His image, right? And we fulfill the great commission by killing his disciples before birth, right? And YOU are more qualified to decide who lives or who dies than God, right? Jesus told you not to kill-for those of us who obey Him that’s good enough for us-picking nits over secular definitions of killing does not change the fact that a life is ended in every abortion. But hey, it makes you feel better, and that’s all that matters, right? Tell the nice people here what you spew on Twitter daily-how Christ is a proabort Liberal and the Bible condones abortion. Then back it up with actual scripture references. You know, the ones we’ve been asking for for a year now? Let’s hear in Christ’s own words how the spilling of innocent blood pleases Him. Let’s also hear how Tiller never aborted late term babies for such medical necessities as ‘financial distress’ and ‘emotional hardship.’ Quit lying.

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