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Oct 13 2011

Christian Values

A few years ago I participated in a bike race from Rosarita to Ensenada.  I went with a  friend , another bike rider.  We took the charter bus from San Diego that dropped us off at the race starting point in Rosarita.  While I planned on returning that same day to the United States, he was going to stay over in Mexico for a few days as he wanted to go and watch a bull fight.  During the bus ride, he started telling me about the bull fight and how excited he was to be able to attend.  He knew my feelings about animals and the last thing I wanted to hear was about the killing of an animal for sport.  My contention was that there was absolutely no justification in taking an animal and stabbing it to death over a period of time simply to entertain people.   I told him that it is animal cruelty and that is why it is banned in the United States.  I asked him if he would like to see bull fighting in the United States.  Astonishingly he said no as it would be cruel.  I asked how it could be cruel in the United States and not in Mexico.  He answered it was because it a different culture.

This same concept is taking place in the Christian community.  Christian morals and values are changing to keep up with the world.  Denominations have published for their congregants what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.  Some Christian denominations have published guidelines as to when it is acceptable for women to murder their unborn children.  Other denominations have decided that homosexuality is an acceptable lifestyle.  These are denominations that would not budge from the teachings of the Word of God.  Times have changed as so they have changed to keep up with the worldviews of our time.  Even individual Christians are adopting some of the values of the world that go against the written Word of God.  Reasons are given and some of them really sound pretty good.  Others defy imagination such as stating that something in scripture was either only an opinion of the writer and therefore not binding to us or that it was only meant for a particular church at that particular time.

The values from merely fifty or one hundred years ago is not the values our society holds to today.  The world has changed.  But I ask this, has God changed His moral compass for His people?

As Christians, we really need to get question right.  Is God changing His moral compass to accommodate our societies ever changing values?  If God is not changing His values for His people, then those in leadership that are instructing their congregants that it is permissible to whatever they have decided is permissible, they will have a lot to answer to for leading their congregants down a path of sin.  Individual Christians that adopt some of today’s values over God’s standards will have no excuse when standing before Him.

As in the example I used above, a different culture does not make it right.  We live in a different culture than biblical days but His standard has not changed.  Either God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow or He’s not.

Photo: Grassy Sky by Alice Barking

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  1. Margaret

    Well said, Tishrei,

    The bull fighting incident was a good example of double standards that people “think” are acceptable.

    I’m glad you pointed out that it is church leadership that seems to be pushing the congregations to depart from God’s word. Many people are leaving the congregations they grew up in, because the defiant church leadership tells them they are wrong in holding to God’s word in the way they do. They are sneered at as being old-fashioned and politically incorrect.

    God’s word tells us that in the end days the hearts of the people will grow cold. Another thing that appalls me is that the youth are being brought up in this changed interpretation of God’s word, and they will be clueless about what they are being taught, unless they dust off their Bibles and start caring about what God actually says in His word.

    Families with young children have some tough days ahead.

    Take care. I was surprised to learn that you’re into bike racing. That’s a neat surprise. :)


  2. Tishrei

    Hi Margaret,

    It’s really a scary thought if one is a Christian parent of a young child. It also is a frightening thought for those in leadership who change the Word of God so that they are more acceptable to the ears of their congregants. Whoa to them when they stand before Him.

    I’ve always been athletic since I was a kid. I used to mountain bike almost on a weekly basis as well but haven’t in a while because I hurt my knee.

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