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Mar 24 2013

my God box

This post is about my God box, which is a very different thing from putting God in a box.  There was a time in my life when my faith was very small and I was facing very big problems. I had a lot of fear and anxiety over my future and the future of my wife and kids.

Then one day, I was in an Internet chat room  chatting with a friend, telling her about my problems and worries. My friend was an older lady named Sandy, who had walked with God for many years. When I was finished telling her my worries and fears, she asked,  “have you ever heard of a God box?”

I had never heard of a God box, so I  asked her what a God box was. She explained that a God box was simply a small box that a person could use to give their problems and worries to God. She continued to explain that when a person has a problem or a worry about something, they could write it down on a small scrap of paper, and then ask God to take care of it as they placed the scrap of paper in the box. She then suggested that I go and find a small box, tape it all up, and cut a small hole in it.

Being skeptical by nature, I thought to myself that her suggestion sounded pretty stupid, but I was really struggling with worry and anxiety, and decided to just follow her advice. I got up from my computer, went and found a small cardboard box, taped it all up, and cut a small hole in it. I took my God box back to my desk and asked her what to do next.

She told me to write down each of my problems or worries down on a small piece of paper, and then as I put each piece of paper in the box, ask God to take care of it.

I thanked her and left the chat room.  Though I was still skeptical about the whole thing because it seemed so childish, I went ahead and wrote down my problems on some scraps of paper, folded them up, and asked God to take care of them as I put them in the box.

Even though I had put all my problems in the box and given them to God, I noticed that I was still worrying about some of them.  I logged back into the chat room again and my friend was still there, so I asked her what I should do.  She told me that if I took the problem back from God, to just write it down again on another piece of paper and give it back to Him again as I put it in the box.

I also had another question for her.  I asked her if I would ever get to open the box.  She told me that God works things out in His own time, but that after a few months had gone by, I could open the box and see how God had taken care of my problems.  She explained that God does not  always work things out the way we want things to work out, but that He always works things out in our best interest.  She also told me that when I opened the box and  saw how God had taken care of things, my faith in Him would grow and it would help me to not worry so much.  I thanked her again and logged back out of the chat room.

I continued to follow her advice, putting new problems in the box, and when I would start worrying again about a problem that I had already given to God, I would write it down again and give it back to Him as I put it back in the box.  I took some of my problems back from Him so many times that I thought I was going to need a bigger box.

As she had suggested, after several months, I opened my God box, read my scraps of paper, and saw how God had taken care of my problems.  My friend was right, not all the outcomes to my problems were the ones I wanted, but I could see God’s wisdom in that they were the ones I needed.  I did not stop being a worrier overnight, but I continued to use my God box, and just as my friend had promised, my faith in God grew.  Today, I’m not that much of a worrier because I’ve seen God handle so many problems that seemed so overwhelming and impossible to me.  Truly, I now have faith that there is no problem that He can’t handle, and that He does an infinitely better job of caring for me than I could.

I’m so thankful to God for my friend Sandy.  He gave her the wisdom to recognize that I was a doubter whose faith was young and weak.  God gave her the understanding to see that  I needed a practical way to apply and exercise my faith, see God’s trustworthiness, and have my faith grow.

So, if you’re struggling with worry and anxiety over your problems instead of letting God have them, why not make a God box?  It might sound dumb and childish, but you have nothing to lose but the fear and anxiety that robs us of the joy that Jesus wants us to have.

Phil 4:6 do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

John 15:11 These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full.



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  1. Faithwalks

    Hello Brauch,

    What a great personal story about your faith and trusting in God. And God bless Sandy who helped you strengthen your faith in God to bring you through a tough time. I had never heard of a “God box” until I read your story today. “By this all men will know you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John13:35).

    Thanks in Christ,


    1. Ed

      Hi Paul,
      Sandy was a blessing, and my hope is that by sharing
      what she shared with me, someone else who is struggling
      with faith may be helped.

      Thank you for your kind words and encouragement!


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