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Nov 04 2012

Were Adam and Eve saved?


Were Adam and Eve saved?  If we assume they were saved, why is man affected by the Fall if they were forgiven and reconciled to God? The Bible is not explicitly clear on whether Adam and Eve were saved, but a fairly strong argument can be made in support of them being saved. Adam and …

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Oct 24 2012

Should Christians Attend Synagogue?


Several years ago, I attended a Messianic bible study on Friday nights. The person who led the study was a Jewish believer. There were about 10-15 of us who attended this study, 80% of which were Jewish believers. The rest of us were gentiles. I remember a conversation that I heard between a couple of …

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Sep 19 2012

Is Satan able to create life?


  If Pharaoh’s magicians changed their rods into snakes through being empowered by Satan, does that mean that Satan has the power to create life? While the Bible does not specifically tell us how the magicians were able to copy the miracles performed by Moses through God’s power, the two possibilities are that they either …

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Sep 14 2012

What is Divine Intervention?


Whenever I hear the term “divine intervention,” the image that usually comes to mind is the spectacular “signs and wonders.” That image stems from what I see on television such as the shows that televangelists put on to lure people into giving them money. In fact, as I was exploring the “divine intervention” question, I …

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Sep 11 2012

Matthew 27:52, where did the risen saints go?


In Matthew 27:52-53, where did the risen saints go after they appeared to many? I read several commentaries researching this question, and even in popular and well-respected commentaries, there are large differences of opinion. Who the saints were, whether the exposed bodies came to life or remained lifeless, to whom they appeared, how they appeared, …

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