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Sep 09 2012

Doing, and Not Doubting


J.R. Miller, published 1913 Some good people talk altogether too much in a doleful strain. Indeed any doleful talk in a Christian is too much. We have no right to go about airing our fears and doubts. In the first place, we need not have fears and doubts, if we have truly committed our life …

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Sep 02 2012

The Interweaving of the Days


J.R. Miller, published 1913 It is a good thing to learn to live by the day. We should devote all our strength to the doing well of each day’s tasks — and then should disengage ourselves altogether from its entanglements. Emerson puts it well: “Finish every day — and be done with it. You have …

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Aug 19 2012

When Kindness is Unkind


J.R. Miller, published 1913 The demand today is that all things should be made easy. It is so in homes. Nothing must be hard for children. They must be tenderly nurtured. Their burdens must not be made too heavy. Their tasks must not be made too exacting. Their wishes must never be refused. Even their …

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Aug 12 2012

The Cost of Reaching the Best


J.R. Miller, published 1913 Someone has been making a little calculation which is interesting. A bar of iron of a certain size, in its rough state, is worth five dollars. If it be made into horseshoes, it is worth twelve dollars. When it has been put through certain processes and then made into needles, instead …

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Aug 08 2012

Do Christians have to attend church?


Do Christians have to attend church regularly according to the Bible? Although there is no direct, specific command in the New Testament that Christians must attend formal services in a church building, we have many strong examples from Jesus and the apostles. It was customary for Jesus and His apostles to attend Sabbath services at …

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