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Category Archive: Theology

The field of study and analysis that treats of God and of His attributes and relations to the universe, the study of divine things or religious truth; divinity.

Apr 08 2013

Excruciating, word origin


The word excruciating has an interesting origin and background.  In English, excruciating is an adjective that means, “causing intense physical agony or anguish”.  What does not seem to be commonly known about the word are the details of its Latin origin and how it came into existence. Origin: 1560–70; < Latin excruciātus, past participle of …

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Mar 18 2013

Invictus, captain of my soul?


I first came across the poem Invictus by William Ernest Hensley several years ago on an Internet forum I used to hang out on.  An avowed atheist who posted there would occasionally sign his posts off with it.  If I had encountered the poem  when I was an atheist, I would have loved it.  As …

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Aug 28 2012

Paul’s thorn in the flesh?


There has been a lot of guessing and speculation as regards Paul’s thorn in the flesh.  A great amount of Christian energy has been spent  writing, debating, and arguing over the exact nature of Paul’s thorn. Since Paul described his thorn as being “in the flesh”, the general consensus and belief among speculators is that …

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Aug 07 2012

Should Christians Shun Homosexuals?


There’s been a lot of talk and news reports over the recent controversy with respect to Chick-fil-A’s president public opposition to homosexual marriage. The controversy is not a new one and it won’t be the last time. It is said that Christians are not tolerant towards homosexuals. I looked up the word tolerance to ensure …

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Aug 01 2012

God’s View of Sin


Some people confuse different sins as more acceptable than other sins. In fact, the Catholic church makes that distinction with “mortal sin” (really bad) as opposed to “venial sin” (not so bad). While Protestants don’t make that distinction in their theology, many hold to that view even if subconsciously. It would be helpful to understand …

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