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Category Archive: Christian Issues

Issues within "Christianity" that may be controversial or disputed such as Pentecostal, Catholicism, Charasmatics, etc.

Aug 28 2012

Paul’s thorn in the flesh?


There has been a lot of guessing and speculation as regards Paul’s thorn in the flesh.  A great amount of Christian energy has been spent  writing, debating, and arguing over the exact nature of Paul’s thorn. Since Paul described his thorn as being “in the flesh”, the general consensus and belief among speculators is that …

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Aug 08 2012

Do Christians have to attend church?


Do Christians have to attend church regularly according to the Bible? Although there is no direct, specific command in the New Testament that Christians must attend formal services in a church building, we have many strong examples from Jesus and the apostles. It was customary for Jesus and His apostles to attend Sabbath services at …

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Aug 07 2012

Should Christians Shun Homosexuals?


There’s been a lot of talk and news reports over the recent controversy with respect to Chick-fil-A’s president public opposition to homosexual marriage. The controversy is not a new one and it won’t be the last time. It is said that Christians are not tolerant towards homosexuals. I looked up the word tolerance to ensure …

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May 13 2012

Saturday Reblog: God’s Standards


Christians have taken God’s standards and lowered them to fit their own standards. This is a dangerous and precarious position to take. If we take a different standard other than God’s standard and apply it to our lives, we will not be in a position to repent of particular sins in our lives for we …

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Apr 28 2012

Faith in our Church Leaders?


How much faith or trust should we have in our pastors or teachers?  That was the question that came to mind as I was watching a Dateline episode. The show was about daycare centers.  The show was featuring problems with some of these centers.  For instance, one daycare owner had been arrested for leaving young …

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