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Matters of the Church

Apr 05 2010

Arab Pastor Leads Jewish Congregation in Worship

Below is a video of an Arab Pastor (Palestinian) who pastors a Messianic Congregation (Jewish) in Israel.

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Apr 03 2010

Resurrection Day – He Has Risen

Resurrection day clouds

  Shortly after I came to came to faith, maybe a couple of months later, I asked what can probably be regarded as the epitome of  dumb questions of all time.  As a new Christian who did not grow up in a Christian home or environment, I really was like a little child learning something …

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Mar 31 2010

My Easter Rant

easter rant victorian rabbit

I want to start off with as a Christian, I have NOTHING against celebrating the resurrection of our Redeemer.  In fact, I think it’s a wonderful event to celebrate.  Our Redeemer conquered death.  It is this that is celebrated.    Now that my disclaimer is out of the way, I’m going to share some thoughts about …

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Feb 23 2010

Lent – What Did You Give Up?

I'm NOT giving up chocolate

The season of Lent is upon us.  Most Protestant denominations do not observe Lent with the exception of a few.  Roman Catholics do observe Lent.  The observance of Lent is an act of penance which is marked by observers giving something up during this season.  Observers of Lent will give up anything from chocolate to …

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Feb 09 2010

Christian Persecution


A few days ago, a subject came to mind as I was reading a blog that I frequent.  The blog post was not about persecution but for some reason, it came to my mind.  It’s not something I really think about too much for in this country (USA), there really isn’t much persecution.  As Christians, …

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