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How we view our world

May 13 2012

Saturday Reblog: God’s Standards


Christians have taken God’s standards and lowered them to fit their own standards. This is a dangerous and precarious position to take. If we take a different standard other than God’s standard and apply it to our lives, we will not be in a position to repent of particular sins in our lives for we …

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Nov 07 2011

Motivational Christianity

Prosperity gospel and a unicorn have something in common - Both are a myth

After my last post on Shocking Christian Books, I just happened to listen to a Joel Osteen video on YouTube.  The guy is really good.  He is personable and engaging.  Problem is he’s not a preacher but a motivational speaker.  He motivates people on how to feel good about themselves.  I looked up motivational speaker …

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Oct 13 2011

Christian Values


A few years ago I participated in a bike race from Rosarita to Ensenada.  I went with a  friend , another bike rider.  We took the charter bus from San Diego that dropped us off at the race starting point in Rosarita.  While I planned on returning that same day to the United States, he …

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May 31 2010

Memorial Day

unknown soldier

Last night I watched a Memorial Day tribute on television.  The show was a very moving tribute to all the service personnel that have served and/or have lost their lives.  Mankind has been fighting each other since the beginning of time.  Nations have been wiped out.  Men, women and children lose their lives  as casualties …

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Apr 13 2010

Abortion or Murder? Well It Depends

newborn infant

I was watching the news and one of the reports was that a man was arrested for the murder of a couple.  The couple’s two children managed to escape.  They went on to state that the man is being charged with three counts of murder.  What??  Turns out the woman was pregnant.  He was being …

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