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How we view our world

Mar 06 2010

End Of Life


I read a blog post by a neurologist titled Checkout time.  The neurologist was sharing the story about a patient who was at the end of her life and was in fact in a coma.  Cancer has spread throughout her whole body and was in all of her organs including her brain, lungs, liver, bone, …

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Jan 25 2010

Christians and Jury Duty

Judging the deeds of another

I read an article about whether or not Christians should participate in jury duty.  The position of the writer was that Christians should not participate in jury duty.  The author based it on several scriptures (among others): He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous are both alike an abomination to the …

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Jan 04 2010

Divination and Lucky Charms

Noting new under the sun

A number of years ago, I lived next door to a woman who was a self-professed “good” witch.  She spent a great deal of time trying to convince me that she was a good witch and did not cast bad spells on people.  She really wanted my acceptance.  She would listen to me as I …

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Dec 29 2009

Depravity of Mankind – Legally Murder Newborn

The Innocent

I read a story a few days ago, and one that I am sure most of have read or heard about.  I was extremely disturbed by the story and I was not going to blog it because it is so controversial but because it is so very disturbing.  I have changed my mind.  I changed …

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Dec 10 2009

Israel and God

The Middle East is a topic that is on our television screens and newspapers. It is the most highly contested real estate in the world. Politically, it is a hot topic. It is also a topic of the bible starting in Genesis and spoken about throughout the whole of God’s Word. God has spoken about …

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