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Both my co-blogger, Ed, and I are contributing writers for GotQuestions.org. The subject matter that we base the posts that are written on this blog are our posts that we individually conceive and write. However, the material that we write for GotQuestions are questions assigned to us and are not our own. While the text of the post is written by either Ed or I, the subject matter is assigned to an individual writer. As a courtesy, GotQuestions asks that if a writer publishes an answer that has been assigned, the writer references their service with GotQuestions.org.  It is our pleasure to include a reference to GotQuestions.org. All posts that are initially written for GotQuestions.org will contain a reference at the bottom of the post stating:

This post is adapted from an answer written for GotQuestions.org.

To locate posts that are originally written for GotQuestions can be found by clicking on the category “Got Questions” category on the left hand side of the blog.

I have been reading their site for several years and I highly recommend signing up for email notifications. Just click on the above “GotQuestions.org” box to be taken directly to the GotQuestions.org site.