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Nov 07 2011

Motivational Christianity

Prosperity gospel and a unicorn have something in common - Both are a myth

After my last post on Shocking Christian Books, I just happened to listen to a Joel Osteen video on YouTube.  The guy is really good.  He is personable and engaging.  Problem is he’s not a preacher but a motivational speaker.  He motivates people on how to feel good about themselves.  I looked up motivational speaker …

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Jan 24 2010

Sunday Morning Sermon-Does God Still Give Revelation?


Today’s sermon is delivered by John MacArthur.  The topic is “Does God Still Give Revelation?“  If you click on the previous link, you will be able to read along as you listen or, if you do not wish to listen to the audio, you can read the sermon. The belief that God continues to give …

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Jan 19 2010

Signs and Wonders


Lately I have been contemplating this need within Christianity for signs and wonders.  The Pentecostal movement is based on seeing signs and wonders.  I read on several sites that signs and wonders aids in faith and obedience.  With all the signs and wonders that God provided the Israelites from delivering them from bondage, parting of …

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Sep 22 2009

Sensational Supermarket Theology

As I was standing in the supermarket one day gazing at the tabloids, while trying to pretend that I was not looking at the sensational headlines, I realized that popular Christian theology would fit right in with the tabloid stories. From Jesus’ face embedded on toast while the highest bidder on eBay gets the ‘holy’ …

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Aug 31 2009

Holy Laughter – LUNATICS

In horror, I watched this lunacy.  Kenneth Copeland & Kenneth Hagin - holy laughter.  I have no words to describe the idiocy of this video.  I lack the vocabulary.   This video defies description.  For once, I am left utterly speechless. 


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