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Tag Archive: Christlikeness

Apr 07 2013

Our Lives, Words of God


J.R. Miller, published 1913 Orientals say that each man and woman has a message, and that only those who utter their message, are true men or women. It is interesting to think of ourselves in this way, as sent into the world with something to give out or manifest. Lowell tells us that, “Life is …

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Mar 03 2013

Making a Living and Making a Life


J.R. Miller, published 1913 Governor Russell, of Massachusetts, in addressing a graduating class, said, “There is one thing in this world better than making a living — and that is making a life.” The words are worthy of most careful pondering. It is the duty of everyone to make a living. “Six days shall you …

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Aug 12 2012

The Cost of Reaching the Best


J.R. Miller, published 1913 Someone has been making a little calculation which is interesting. A bar of iron of a certain size, in its rough state, is worth five dollars. If it be made into horseshoes, it is worth twelve dollars. When it has been put through certain processes and then made into needles, instead …

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