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Mar 24 2013

my God box


This post is about my God box, which is a very different thing from putting God in a box.  There was a time in my life when my faith was very small and I was facing very big problems. I had a lot of fear and anxiety over my future and the future of my …

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Mar 20 2013

Sin in the garden


Not the sin in the Garden of Eden, the sin in my garden. For many seasons, I waged  war against the weeds growing on my lawn.  I’d buy all sorts of expensive and noxious chemicals and fancy weed-pullers in my efforts to kill them.  The weeds would just laugh and mock me, multiplying and spreading …

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Mar 18 2013

Invictus, captain of my soul?


I first came across the poem Invictus by William Ernest Hensley several years ago on an Internet forum I used to hang out on.  An avowed atheist who posted there would occasionally sign his posts off with it.  If I had encountered the poem  when I was an atheist, I would have loved it.  As …

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Mar 04 2013

How can we know God’s will?


When faced with choices and decisions, how can we know what God’s will would be?  According to the Bible,  there are two “tests” that we can apply in order to help us to know whether the choice we are considering is what God wants us to do or not. These “tests” are to see how …

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Feb 21 2013

How were people saved before Christ?


Prior to the fall (Genesis 3:7), salvation was by perfect obedience to the law. However, this was not really salvation as there was no sin until the fall. In other words, Adam and Eve did not need to be saved from the penalty of sin. After the fall, salvation by God became necessary. The same …

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