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Mar 04 2013

How can we know God’s will?


When faced with choices and decisions, how can we know what God’s will would be?  According to the Bible,  there are two “tests” that we can apply in order to help us to know whether the choice we are considering is what God wants us to do or not. These “tests” are to see how …

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Sep 09 2012

Doing, and Not Doubting


J.R. Miller, published 1913 Some good people talk altogether too much in a doleful strain. Indeed any doleful talk in a Christian is too much. We have no right to go about airing our fears and doubts. In the first place, we need not have fears and doubts, if we have truly committed our life …

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Aug 28 2012

Paul’s thorn in the flesh?


There has been a lot of guessing and speculation as regards Paul’s thorn in the flesh.  A great amount of Christian energy has been spent  writing, debating, and arguing over the exact nature of Paul’s thorn. Since Paul described his thorn as being “in the flesh”, the general consensus and belief among speculators is that …

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Jan 05 2010

End of the World

Image via Wikipedia Last night I was watching a National Geographic video on asteroids and meteors.  I learned something I did not know.  While I have always known that they were out there and there have been some “close calls,” I had no idea how much traffic is out there.  It’s simply astonishing.  As one …

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Feb 23 2009

What Does It Mean To Pray In Jesus' Name?

In Jesus' Name

When we pray in His name, we are praying His will as if in His stead much like when we act on behalf of a loved one in a power of attorney situation. Our prayers are answered in the affirmative only when they are in His will. Sometimes our prayers are answered differently than we petition and when that happens, it is for our good. Our Father knows what is best for us and will answer with a yes, no, or with a different result than we petitioned.