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Oct 24 2012

Should Christians Attend Synagogue?


Several years ago, I attended a Messianic bible study on Friday nights. The person who led the study was a Jewish believer. There were about 10-15 of us who attended this study, 80% of which were Jewish believers. The rest of us were gentiles. I remember a conversation that I heard between a couple of …

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Aug 07 2012

Should Christians Shun Homosexuals?


There’s been a lot of talk and news reports over the recent controversy with respect to Chick-fil-A’s president public opposition to homosexual marriage. The controversy is not a new one and it won’t be the last time. It is said that Christians are not tolerant towards homosexuals. I looked up the word tolerance to ensure …

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Apr 28 2012

Faith in our Church Leaders?


How much faith or trust should we have in our pastors or teachers?  That was the question that came to mind as I was watching a Dateline episode. The show was about daycare centers.  The show was featuring problems with some of these centers.  For instance, one daycare owner had been arrested for leaving young …

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Apr 18 2010

No Arms and No Legs


Apr 09 2010

Bribe Them To Salvation


Yes, that’s one approach.  Well, at least for this one mega church in Corpus Christie, Texas.  They had the bright idea of a massive and expensive give-away just for going to church this past “Easter” service.  The prices included luxury cars, gym memberships, bikes, television sets, etc.  I guess if nothing else works, bribery is …

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