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Dec 29 2009

Depravity of Mankind – Legally Murder Newborn

The Innocent

I read a story a few days ago, and one that I am sure most of have read or heard about.  I was extremely disturbed by the story and I was not going to blog it because it is so controversial but because it is so very disturbing.  I have changed my mind.  I changed …

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Feb 28 2009

In-Vitro Fertilization and Stem Cell Research in Christianity

What Happens to the Unused Embryos?

Christians believe that a human being is created at conception because at conception, there is a human soul. While the legal field has defined what is deemed a human in order to allow for abortions, God has not changed His view to accommodate our society. While we will speak out against abortion and stem cell research, as we should, Christians have remained surprisingly silent regarding these embryos that are in deep freeze, many abandoned by the couples that created them for the purpose of having children and who will eventually become part of this country’s medical waste system, considered as hazardous waste. Along with aborted babies, these unwanted embryos will be deemed hazardous waste and treated accordingly.